There are many laws that protect people with disabilities, however, the military are not required to follow them.

They are exempt from the sanctions of non-discrimination imposed by the government and civil rights. The military discriminates against people with epilepsy because people in the military need to always be available to employ worldwide with only a few limitations.

Missions may be made in locations where medical resources do not exist or are insufficiently equipped to administer such disorders. However, if a person has a prior history of seizures, it doesn’t automatically eliminate them from joining the military, although it can make the enlistment procedure more difficult.

Their last seizure must be 5 years prior to their attempt to enlist and they cannot be taking anti-epileptic medication to prevent seizures from happening during that timeframe. They will also be asked to provide the military with medical records and might have to take a current EEG (electroencephalogram) showing normal results before being officially accepted.

If their medical records show that a seizure occurred during childhood because of a disorder that has been resolved or due to a one-time trauma, under these circumstances, they may also have a possibility to join the military.

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