Education and Medical Assistance

Children with epilepsy can attend school and generally participate in school life and all physical activities and special events.

Swimming is one of the activities that would need a medical approval as it is a serious potential risk but if it’s part of the management plan with the school, then the child will need to be under vision observation at all times while in and out of the water.

The school must know about your child’s epilepsy in order to give them the best chance of getting the learning, social and health support system they need. Scheduling an appointment with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year is very important and asking her to discuss epilepsy with the class in a way that suits their age level and would be comfortable for your child.

There’s a good chance that teachers and classmates won’t know about epilepsy or how to administer first aid if a seizure were to occur. Educating them is very important to ensure that everyone who supervises your child and works at the school knows how to respond to a seizure once it occurs.

Children get embarrassed when they have a seizure and it can be frightening for others. The best way to prevent that is by discussing it with students beforehand in order for them not to be scared and so that they don’t tease or make fun of what they saw and instead be supportive and comforting.

Schools are required by law to support students diagnosed with epilepsy and implement strategies to assist them according to their particular needs.

Some students, once their epilepsy has been controlled by medication, won’t need any extra support, but some will continue to have seizures and therefore, need medical assistance and other support. The school must have an appropriate management plan because these students may need to take their medication at school, get help with some subjects and activities or be given extended time on tests.

The Ministry of Health funds medical assistance for children with epilepsy who are enrolled in the normal education system. Each year, a new request for an assistant must be submitted with updated documentation. A Family member cannot be hired as a medical assistant for the child, the health insurance will assign one for them.

Make sure to stay in touch with the school throughout the year and keep them updated if there are changes in medication or any related matters regarding your child.

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