Emotional Health

Living with epilepsy can be very challenging. Once diagnosed, it can affect people in different ways.

Depending on the type of epilepsy and how frequent and predictable the seizures are, is how you make adjustments to your daily life.

Sometimes it is very hard to come to terms with and therefore, it’ll have a huge impact on a person’s wellbeing. It can affect sleep, mood, relationships and family planning, career and employment, sports, travel and much more.

Whilst stress is normal to everyone, those who have epilepsy have additional stresses and difficulties to overcome such as unpredictable seizures, taking daily prescribed medication, difficulty at work, keeping a driver’s license and having to be dependent on others. If stress levels are high, it can trigger a seizure.

There are other problems that also happen such as cognitive or learning problems, reproductive problems, depression or anxiety, which could be related to the seizures or to the side effects from the medications.

There are ways to look after your wellbeing, help reduce seizures and improve your daily life. Dieting, exercising and a support group are known to be very helpful. You can try to recognize what is causing the seizures by the timings they occur. Another way to help reduce seizures is to not restrict your lifestyle and enjoy how good life experiences can be. By doing that, you can manage all those concerns and enjoy whatever it is you want regardless of the impact that epilepsy has done to your life.

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