Teenage Boys and Girls

Growing up with epilepsy, children feel awkward and embarrassed. Once they enter their teenage years, having seizures becomes the most challenging of times for them and for their parents.

Being a teenager is a world of its own, it’s a period of escalated self-consciousness with many concerns for the future. It is also an adventure, it means driving, dating, outings, getting a job and lots of other things. Standing out from the rest is the last thing a teenager wants for their physical and social image.

Not knowing when to expect a seizure can torment a teen stirring up the fear of isolation and possible humiliation. They have to explain their seizures to people and to their friends, not knowing how they’re going to react. They will also have restrictions on activities.

They face big challenges during their passage from adolescence to adulthood. It is important that once the child hits puberty, he/she must go back to the doctor for a check-up, and also because the physical changes of puberty may call for an adjustment in their medication. Therefore, they must continue doing so yearly to stay on top of things and not have to face any problems.

It is a very difficult time for parents too, as adolescence brings them and their children into disagreement. They share the ups and downs of this rough period of time, and their communication is crucial to control the commotion.
During teenage years, intense feelings and emotions are both positive and negative, parents are the source of immense affection and great frustration. Teens with epilepsy pose additional problems as well. They may not want to take their medication, they may choose to drink or take drugs which in turn will put them at more risk of having seizures.

Parents don’t have complete control over their teen as much as they wish they had and giving them more independence is essential for healthy development. Once they move out of the house or go to university, parents need to have faith that their son/daughter can take care of themselves and be in charge of their life.

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