People with epilepsy are able to travel by air but would probably need some additional planning to help prevent a seizure.

Some seizures are triggered by exhaustion and therefore, could happen from long journeys or jet lag.

Seizures are also triggered by anxiety or excitement which can affect some people while they are in the air. If by any chance you have a seizure on the plane, it is best for the person travelling with you to know about your epilepsy and how to help you if one should occur.

It is important to let the cabin crew know about your seizures and how they can assist you. It is also important that you take enough medication with you to last you the entire trip because some anti-epileptic medication may not be available in other countries or may have a different name.


Airport security rules allow people to carry capsules, pills or liquids up to 100ml in their hand luggage in case their check in luggage gets lost, so make sure you have a good amount of medicine in your hand luggage in case of flight delays or getting stuck on the plane for hours.

Most airlines have seizure medication on board but not always guaranteed. If the liquid medication container is more than 100ml, you have to contact the airline and get their permission to allow it before you travel. They will probably request a letter from your doctor explaining your epilepsy and the medication you are taking.

If you will be travelling for more that 3 months, your specialist may not be able to prescribe you with the medication for the length of your stay. However, he can give you a copy of your medical records and copies of prescriptions just in case you need a refill. If you take your medication on a regular schedule and are travelling to a different time zone, you should continue taking it as you would at home and then adjust your body according to the time zone of your destination.

Travel insurance agencies look at an individual’s medical history before providing them with a quotation. Giving them as much information as possible about your medical condition may help give you a fair and accurate quote. Having epilepsy may require you to pay a higher premium but the increase will vary depending on the severity and frequency of their seizures.

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